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Executive Director

Who We Are:

Uptown Partnership is a stakeholder-led historic commercial district revitalization organization utilizing the Main Street Approach to attract investment and renewal in Uptown, Martinsville, VA. Our mission is to create a vibrant, attractive, adaptive, and charming Uptown District that is welcoming to visitors, residents, and investors by: increasing the stock of high-quality housing options; championing the development of diverse businesses, entertainment, and dining options; supporting the rehabilitation of existing buildings and appropriate infill; and building a vibrant, inclusive community identity through frequent communications, support of Uptown marketing, events and promotions. Our executive staff and active board work in collaborative partnership with the community, the City of Martinsville and Henry County governments, the Harvest Foundation, and the Department of Housing & Community Development. More information can be found at

Work Objectives:

The Uptown Partnership executive director is the lead coordinator of activities within the Uptown Martinsville commercial district revitalization program that utilizes the national Main Street Approach as an integral foundation for uptown economic development. They are responsible for the development, conduct, execution, and documentation of the organization and its programs. The executive director is the principal on-site staff person responsible for coordinating all program activities and volunteers, as well as representing the community regionally and nationally as appropriate. The ED position has an anticipated hire date of May 1, 2023. Salary range is $60,000 - $70,000. Review of application materials will begin on March 15, 2023. Uptown Partnership recently retained a consulting firm to develop a comprehensive Community Vision Plan. The Vision Plan is now in the activation phase and the ED will provide significant leadership in guiding community-led initiatives in the execution of strategically selected aspects of the Vision Plan.

Uptown Partnership has been accepted into the Virginia Main Street’s Mobilizing Main Street Program. As part of a two-year cohort program, the ED will lead efforts and participate in meetings and engagements to steward UP’s journey through this program including the stewardship of committees related to the Main Street Program’s four pillars of economic vitality, design, promotions, and organization. Additionally, the ED will lead the board in fundraising efforts and be pivotal in the formation and maintenance of relationships with city, business, and committee entities in the revitalization of Uptown Martinsville as a community and economic asset.

Full Range of Duties to be Performed:

The director should carry out the following tasks:

Resource Management Responsibilities:

The executive director supervises any necessary temporary or permanent employees, as well as professional consultants. They will participate in personnel and project evaluations. The executive director maintains Uptown Partnership records and reports, establishes technical resource files and libraries, and prepares regular reports for the Virginia Main Street program and the National Main Street Center.

The executive director monitors the annual program budget and maintains financial records.

Experience, Job Knowledge and Skills Required:

The executive director should have experience leading Main Street revitalization organizations of rural towns/cities with population over 10,000 people but not exceeding 75,000. The executive director should have education and/or experience in several of the following areas: commercial district management, economics, finance, public relations, planning, business administration, public administration, volunteer or non-profit administration, architecture, and/or small business development. The executive director must be sensitive to local design and preservation issues and must understand the issues confronting uptown businesses, property owners, public agencies, and community organizations.

The director must be entrepreneurial, collaborative, energetic, imaginative, be able to creatively solve problems, well organized and capable of functioning effectively in an independent environment.

The director must possess strong people and relationship skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential.

Ongoing Performance Assessments:

The executive director shall meet periodically with the Board president to review performance against the director’s job description. Annually the Board President will solicit performance input from partnering organizations, Virginia Main Street staff, significant funding sources, and the residential and business community within the Uptown district.

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest and resume to: Questions should be directed likewise. Salary range is $60,000 - $70,000.

Application review will begin on March 15, 2023.

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We are an inclusive and diverse group of people who are committed to bringing residents and businesses to Uptown, using the nationally successful Main Street Approach. Our success is predicated on your participation.
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